zero width jschear

It begins

I’ve built and thrown away more personal blogs than I’ve written blog posts. Maybe this time will be different!

Tech stack

This blog is a lightly-customized clone of the Astro blog template and is hosted and deployed using Vercel. I may later manage content with a headless CMS, but at the moment I’m authoring posts in markdown (or mdx) and using Astro’s static site generation.

I find the abundance of full-stack web frameworks to be both overwhelming and exciting (especially coming from mobile development). I’m heartened by the industry-wide adoption of TypeScript because I’m not sure how to be productive in the long term when using dynamically-typed languages.

After puttering around with Next.js, Remix, and a few other frameworks (meta-frameworks?), I decided to move forward with Astro, which I learned about on an episode of the podcast. This wasn’t a particularly well-considered decision; I mainly just wanted to throw something online. (This was a case of vibe-driven-development.) htmx and fresh are also on my list of web technologies to explore.

The blog’s title comes from one of my favorite Unicode codepoints, the zero width joiner (U+200D).